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Welcome to Beachy

What is a Beachy Bag?

Beachy Bags is a natural outgrowth of a long family tradition of sewing and creating useful things for the family with love and care. Today I create hand made cloth bags for many uses. They can be created from many types of fabric and come in many styles to meet your needs. Each bag is custom made to your specifications. This website is just a sample of what can be done. If you have a special request, please ask me.

Singer photo

Sewing has been a family tradition in the Beachy and Hammond families for over 100 years. It started with our Grandparents in Ohio and Pennsylvania who created quilts, crocheted or knitted Afghans and made most of their own clothing. Mother Hammond still has her original Singer machine.

Kay working

We've stepped up to a more modern sewing workroom as you can see Kay working on a new design in a very functional work space.

Workshop photos Workshop photos

And what better place to set up shop than in your own home!! You can see the stash of fabrics just waiting to turn into a fabulous Beachy Bag.

Sewing machines photo

Although I don't use a Singer machine, currently my favorite machines are from Brother and Husqvarna Viking. These are the ones that seem to last for me.